I swear to god

I have never wanted to ragequit a game as hard as I do Vagrant Story.

This game is ridiculously unforgiving.

Maybe not if you’re playing by a guide, but I, the fool, want to do everything blind, and so I’ve had to figure out most of the stuff by myself - every stat, every map, every puzzle…

I’m going crazy

That was the funnest part for me when I first played, stumbling through the game, delving into all the menus, trial and erroring my way through item crafting and making at least good enough weapons to get me through, and I managed to learn almost all I know by simply playing and replaying the game. It wasn’t until much later I looked up guides and saw the best weapons and their drop rates and making perfect equipment, which I’m still working on. But all that process, and all the content outside of the game mechanics like the writing, the story, the setting, the art direction and character design, the glorious Minagawa UI, the magnificent soundtrack, among many other things, made it my favorite game of all time.

Yep - nod. This is how I like playing games too. I tend to be a bit slow on picking up on story (sometimes I look up playthroughs on YT or my own stream post-streaming to revisit the story just to make sure I didn’t miss anything) so there’s always something I miss during my first run - or, what I’m really trying to say is, I miss a lot of stuff on my first run. I always try to revisit the game at least a second time to try to do it more streamlined. It’s incredible how much time I can end up spending on my first run :(

I can’t say what it is about the style of both XII and Vagrant Story that appeals so much to me. It’s a mix, I guess, of story, imagery, music… I went into XII not knowing a thing, and so just 5 minutes in I’d had amazing cutscenes, a city conquered, a prince dying and his wife committing suicide. (Grin!) For some reason I just knew I loved it - same with VS (although I guess knowing it’s Yoshida had primed me pretty well) - I was impressed already by the menu screen video. Even for how much it frustrates me, there’s still something about it that mesmerizes.

Some things just feel tight and well done and… you just love them.

I was playing with your XII Ship Generator and got "You now ship Drace with Mjrn. Their first date was in Basch's old cell where the told each other their life stories and then Mjrn started whining about waffles" and several au ideas already popped into my head about this ship. I ship it.


Ah, I love it when people stumble upon those ship generators, and enjoy them! I have to admit I’ve refreshed them many times, giggling shamelessly. So much gold - particularly by the one about waffles. Waffles on Chocobos, waffles in trees in the Golmore Jungle… and, of course, waffles in Basch’s old cell! Where else would you set up a waffle iron and enjoy some delicious waffles? I can’t think of a better place - especially when you’re….. Drace, looking for, ehm, interesting places to take her dates… or was it Mjrn who found the place, taking an interest in, ehm, tight, damp places………?

I ship it too. A very valid combo. (That generator has produced headcanons that have ended up in (so far unpublished) fanfic.) Drace always produce the best headcanons, and Mjrn… it’s so easy to fit her into certain stereotypical frames, but when you pull her out of there…

Drace x Mjrn 4evah!!1

increasinglyweird replied to your post:I swear to god I have never wanted to ragequit a…

When I first played (after FFVII) I didn’t think I would have to grind or faff about with equipment or anything - I don’t know why I thought that, probably because I thought it was an action game and not an RPG. I died like a swine.

The leveling up system is interesting - I still haven’t wrapped my head completely around it yet. You gain XP for chaining, I think… and then there’s the weapons and all that… yeah I have a lot of reading to do. X)

tevinterhexe replied to your post:I swear to god I have never wanted to ragequit a…

The game looks super interesting. I might pick it up, too. (Once I’m finished with FFT and my DA replays.) Learning the mechanics of a new game is fun, if sometimes frustrating. But makes it all the more rewarding when you finally do figure it out.

It is - and it’s worth it, that’s why I stick to it, but… sometimes it’s terribly frustrating XD I know that the few times I give up and ‘cheat’, I regret it afterwards. I have a few boss fights in FFXII I looked up strategies for and regretted it later.

I need to play FFT! And I only have one playthrough each for both Origins and 2… which feels… wrong. X)

vieralynn replied to your post:I swear to god I have never wanted to ragequit a…

The game isn’t very long during first PT so it works well to play blind and puzzle it out bit by bit. Once you get new game+, replays explore the game play aspects in more depth. ;)

Well, when you say ‘long’……… it took me three hours just to get out of the wine cellar (all that good wine, you know! haaa!) and I don’t know how long I’ve been faffing about in the Catacombs… and I can’t remember what I’m even doing there. Something about Riskbreakers and young lordlings and magic cities, aye?

(Also SQUEE at all the XII shared names… I squeed at the axe named ‘Francisca’ ffs)

shsl-ivalice replied to your post:increasinglyweird replied to your post“vieralynn…

you also need to play tactics. tactics is amazing. tactics is life.

So I’ve heard. So I’ve heard. It’s on my list. Please list, don’t get too long…

Okay. 1) Vagrant Story, 2) … Shadow of the Colossus? Assassin’s Creed? 3) Tactics??

And in the meantime, I’m browsing Tumblr. Still no shower or breakfast. X)

Okay okay putting on the coffee…

increasinglyweird replied to your post“vieralynn said: VAGRANT STORY IS THE 2ND BEST GAME EVAH! (FFT and…”
The art style is awesome. I had to cheat though, game was damn hard!

I, ahem, said I would be playing it blind, BUT… I got so stuck in the first dungeon I had to look up a video - turns out I had to make a jump - apparently there being a wolf on the other side of the jump was my clue? (My thought was - I have to get to where that wolf is, maybe through another room…)

sausageninja replied to your post“vieralynn said: VAGRANT STORY IS THE 2ND BEST GAME EVAH! (FFT and…”
all of the Ivalice Alliance games are just too fantastic

I’ve only played the one o_O So it’s about high time I started playing the rest of them!!

I’ll be streaming some Vagrant Story after I’ve had a shower and some breakfast - running turned into a 3 km walk and 3 km of running today, both me and my running partner are sore from Tuesday (?! it was only a 4.5 km run) and he has blisters on his feet from Thursday :/

(Also my English is lulsworthy today, commentary will be hilarious :/)

shadoedseptmbr replied to your post“increasinglyweird replied to your post“Boo, Valkyria Chronicles is…”
disks not looking so bad now, eh? ;D

Yeah, as I tagged it

I should have kept my mouth shut to prove my point, haha! But yeah, I wasn’t at the point where I longed for a cassette to just slap into the console - it takes time for me to get there because I work with software and things that don’t work the way I want them to all day, so if I hadn’t developed this patience I’d be going mad.

Anyway it was just that thing of everything going wrong at the same time! Happens only once a year. I hope. >_>

Anyway playing Vagrant Story (badly) at

XII ship generator

VII ship generator

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