First impressions of DA2

  • So many sidequests. SOOO MANY SIDEQUESTS. So many they start boring me and I stop caring whether or not I’m killing Dalish elves or merchants or assassins or barmaids… I need more red lines. I need story. BUT LOOK SIDEQUEST
  • The gameplay is really dull. I was delighted to recognize spells from DA:O, but overall I get the feeling this is “Origins light”: They took out a lot of things simply to make the game… easier. Which I don’t appreciate. I have a friend who said playing a Rogue is pretty much ‘backstab backstab backstab’ and boy was he right. I could sleep my way through the battles. I’ve had ONE game over. At this point in Origins I’d had like two hundred.
  • I’m very excited about making Merill my Black Mage. I hope she does some proper tearing off limbs. Hello blood magic! I am promised a lot of horror and gore here - if I don’t get it I’ll be pissed off.
  • Aveline hates me. Aveline loves me. Aveline hates me. Aveline loves me. Aveline hates me. Aveline loves me.
  • Why do people never speak of Bethany, she’s BAMF!
  • Female Rogue Hawke is either a) daisies or b) trying to sound like she’s had too much whiskey and is pissed at her cat. Something in between would be nice.
  • Kirkwall feels very much like a city, but I have to admit I have problems remembering who has drama with who, and I have a feeling people are going to be shouting at me from all angles at some point. ‘OMG you killed a Dalish elf! I always side with my race! You die!’ *kills everyone with backstab and picks up reward*
  • I love LOVE all of the little references to Origins - to me they’re a big part of the enjoyment so far. I squeed when I saw Sandal - not so much when I saw they’d given him ACTUAL LINES. (Yes ‘hello’ is a line. Disappointment.)


  • Overall a very joyful experience, but I need to force myself to stop with the gorram sidequesting soon because I’ve been sidequesting for like ten hours and I want to do something else than choosing sides and backstabbing. Give me some dragons or gore or incest or something.

Edit: This is my ‘kind of getting tired of playing bc unable to stop playing bc game is addictive and kind of hate game for being addictive so making fun of game haha’ post. Will follow up with a ‘why DA2’s world is rich and interesting and pretty absorbing and the kind of game you end up dreaming about’ post at a later point.

warden-ashelia-fon-winchester replied to your post “So my bf’s friend came to visit and we sat down and talked gaem and I…”
Anders is the best. <3

He was probably to my interest because helpful, aiding male taking responsibility etc etc itching my heterosexuality but he’s certainly not at all my type X) He’s kind of a dry sock though - very dry - but at least he’s straight to the point, I’ll give him that.

So my bf’s friend came to visit and we sat down and talked gaem and I told him I just finished DA:O (he’s watched a friend play the games now and then but haven’t played them in their entirety himself) and that I was about to play some DLC’s and he said ‘nah, don’t bother with that (yet), play the actual games, download DA2’ so I downloaded DA2 and then we put the game on and fast forward 5 hours later we were having severe problems convincing each other that sleep is something you actually need.

It’s like Lightning Returns just without the annoying clock: The quests are just short enough to make you go ‘oh I have time for one more’. And one more. Anndd oonnee mmmoorre

Favs so far: Varric. VAARRIICC!! And Bethany. And I think I’m crushing on Anders… I have no idea why

Dear EA,



like, did I successfully purchase a DLC right now, or did I bid for slippers for a cat?

we don’t know


So apparently DA:I doesn’t import save files..? Instead we are supposed to use Dragon Age Keep to “re-create your unique world history from previous games and continue the story in Dragon Age: Inquisition.”. This is to eliminate any bug or errors that can be caused by importing save files.

But this is only for the PC as far as I can see, what about Xbox and Playstation? Won’t matter much for me as I’m using a PC, but kinda curious about what they are doing for console users.

Thank you, jm-legault, for letting me know about Dragon Age Keep.

Ah! And thanks for letting me know as well! I’ve been playing on PC through Origin and I was thinking of continuing down that road. I’ve seen/heard some rumours that would make it more interesting to keep saves from earlier games. (Usually I don’t care too much about earlier saves.)

OMG NO DON'T GO YOU ARE TOO FULL OF GOLD! ah, but I do wish you the best with your navy year - please do come back soon though! grazie per la tua arte!!


bbbAAAAAAWWWWWW THANK YOU HUN izudfhgfuyisudfyh!

I don’t know if I’m excited or shitting my pants anymore! :°D

I’m totally gonna keep on doodling though, I just think free time is gonna be less frequent! … much less. D:

<3 Well, I’d love to see whatever you can find time for! :D You certainly have your own unique style, and I love your sense of composition - and colour! Take care, aight :)


(reposted cause I’m dumb, sorry D: )

Was challenged by Azrael to the 31 days challenge, but had to make it 7 days for I’m leaving soon! Sorry for the Italian, I just wanted this on my tumblr but couldn’t bring myself to translate all the jokes and idiomatic/dialect crap into English D: Maybe someday!

Day 1: Favourite character; Day 2: Least favourite hunt; Day 3: Character you relate to the most; Day 4: Fav relationship; Day 5: Least favourite character; Day 6: Describe your experience/feels/etc; Day 7: Worst thing in the game

If you listen to motivational coaches (…) they would tell you that what you need to do to get over procrastination is to get motivated: You need to first of all get to the point where you really feel like doing the thing that you need to do. But of course, when you look at this from the perspective of ‘the negative path’, as I’m calling it, you see that that makes things harder: You are adding a hurdle. You are requiring now not only that you have to do something, but you have to feel like doing it as well. Which is a lot lot more tricky; and, a much much better - the only really good procrastination advice I ever received (…) is you don’t have to feel like doing something in order to do it. If you know that something is important to you, it doesn’t matter so much whether your mood at a given moment happens to be pumped up and ready to go. And if you look at the routines and rituals of very successful authors and artists, you never find that this involved standing in front of a mirror and pumping their fists and telling themselves they were gonna write the best novel ever. What you find is that they set process goals instead of outcome goals, they said ‘I’m gonna work for an hour a day’, or five hours a day, or I’m gonna write 300 words a day; I think was Graham Greene’s quota. My favourite one of these is the novelist Anthony Trollope who wrote for three hours every day before he went to his job at the post office. And if he finished a novel in the middle of one three hour period, he just went on to the next one. Which is a real commitment to process to not asking ‘where am I headed’ but just ‘how am I gonna put one foot in front of the other and do what I know needs to be done’.

Oliver Burkeman on procrastination, motivation and process, speaking for The Australian National University in Canberra on ‘Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking

XII ship generator

VII ship generator

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