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So I streamed some Final Fantasy XIII-2 last night. It’s a couple of years since I last played this game - and now I’m really noticing how glossy the storytelling is. There’s a looot of trope action going on, and tbh, I don’t find it strange the only characters from that series that ever inspired fic writing for me is Lightning, Fang and Noel.

In particular, I always had problems with Serah Farron’s character in XIII-2, and I’ve never really put my finger on why.

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At first I was going to go on a rant over how aggravated I was over your ignorance in trying to characterize a female character even going so far as to initially think ‘mary sue.’

There is literally no real use of Mary sue and Square Enix does a very good job at make characters who aren’t on par with being too quote-on-quote, perfect.

When in fact if a women is ‘perfect’ there is nothing in itself wrong with that. The character is never the problem its what they under go in the setting and how they react that makes them less of a character or wrong in any way—But what is important is everything you’ve pointed Serah Farron out to be is absolutely wrong.

******************Actually i did get mad and my hands are in a lot of pain and are frozen so much typing is a bit off.

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#serah is the embodiement of naivity and kindness #and empathy #and just everything i wish i could be???

Reblogging for valid commentary because it appears my post struck a nerve, which makes me nod. This makes sense.

My initial post focused on how girls idolize ‘nice and caring characters’ and how, viewing this in a ‘twenty years later’ hindsight, bothers me. Because it’s a pre-stage to a kind of skewed gender thing learned later in life where you realize you’ve been rewarded for complying over being rash all your life. And was it really that helpful?

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(plays the guitar)

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad

(aggressively headbangs)


a flourishing anus and happiness for you too


Why Accent Marks Are Important In Spanish
Lesson 1

As a gay guy who drools over Alistair and Cullen, I feel for you w/r/t Dorian (drooling over him too)! Someone get me a bib.


Hahaha XD IKNORITE! I find it really refreshing to be the one drooling over someone who’d never lust for me!

Also Zevran/Alistair or closet!Alistair in general makes me laugh and giggle and bite my lip. It’s fantastic. And the fanart is amazing!!

but srsly Dorian

so much kudos to his (visual) character designer

he’s perfect

srsly if I was a gay man I’d be drooling so hard over Dorian right now.

that being said, I’m a heterosexual female drooling VERY hard over Dorian right now.

SRSLY. I thought Varric had it in the department of playful, but Dorian…….. I mean there are certain men you meet during your lifetime who aren’t supermodels (well Dorian sure looks like one anyway) who has that… sparkle? Something very playful and… unafraid? Relaxed. That lets you know they love having a good time. That lets you know they’re awesome kissers. I guess I was about to write more nsfw stuff about those kind of men, but I’ll leave it for one night stand smut. Ooorrrr my dreams. Depending. X)


A great photo of Cullen and Dorian thanks to Aaryn Flynn on Twitter :D


A great photo of Cullen and Dorian thanks to Aaryn Flynn on Twitter :D

XII ship generator

VII ship generator

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