So originally this was supposed to be good old Balfran smut for a friend, then turned into an erection loss/ virgin story, and then ended up being something completely different, something that sits closer to my heart (these days): Exploring the relationship between Fran and Balthier for what it is and what it isn’t, and why it doesn’t matter what it is or isn’t.

(I could rant on the themes in this story forever. The original title was ‘intimacy’ and I think that sums it up pretty well. There are different levels to intimacy, and sometimes the most intimate thing you can do is start listening.)

~2500 words, rated M for sexual references and language (not so much content - not in my world, anyway.)

…if I can set up xkit the way I want, and I start being 100% ruthless on who I follow to keep my sanity, I might be back to Final Fantasy XII (and, in time, Dragon Age) meta - along with the usual writing and ESL meta soon. (August-ish. Depending on how my new job works out. Currently on vacation playing through various origins in DA:O, and tinkering on a fic.)

Apologies to new followers for that dump on your dash. X)

It’s just that there’s a limit to how much collective stupidity I can stomach.

waltzes into Tumblr, dumdudum

sees this*

realizes why left in the first place
and backs the hell out

"so yeah the whinebabby with the cackhanded change-is-bad-waaaaahhhh argument can shut the entire fuck up until they educate themselves (…)"

………..the story about the monkeys illustrates a societal function that has been EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for our evolution and progress. Mixing that story with the original picture and taking the comment who were just merely suggesting that the text in the picture IS NOT ALWAYS CORRECT with a bunch of wah wah ableist jabber

I so remember

why I backed out of this shit joint

(and to the person who reblogged the post I linked (* I backtracked it a bit) - I adore you so I have nothing against you at all - but this post is fucked up as fuck and an ideal example of what’s so horribly horribly wrong with this fucking place)



Thanks But No Thanks | Eh | Well Hey There | Let Me Help You With That | Is That a Sword of Mercy or Are You Happy to See Me? |It’s Like Staring At the Sun | THANK YOU LORD FOR THY BOUNTY | Smut Muse (the highest of sacred honors, I assure you)

Patient + soft-spoken + father figure = Hot Dad in my book.  Had Ducan lived to see better days, I expect the Warden would have enjoyed numerous one-on-one sessions (related to Grey Warden business, naturally) and friendly sparring matches, increasingly wrought with delicious sexual tension, until the fine night she finally manages to convince dad to bounce her on his lap.  Verdict: DONE AND DONE

Duncan lap bouncing.

I’m almost done with Origins and so far nothing in that game have surpassed Duncan. I literally mewled when I saw him. <3



The implication that Doctor Cid has a habit of dramatically speeding off in an airship mid-conversation is both sad and hilarious.

You really do have to feel bad for poor Ffamran.

So Balthier finally had the last word by stealing the Strahl?

Blah, was originally going to make a new post for this, but since the translation research was inspired by the original post, it didn’t feel right. I will say though, that since being away from Tumblr and discussing Tumblr off of Tumblr, I’ve realised where I’ve been treading wrong, and so adding information to reblogs is something I will no longer do.


Alternative translation 1: (Link)
Balflear: Trying to screw with me…

Alternative translation 2:
This is the feedback from TresDias:
I’d probably need more context for ふざけやがって…… because it looks like “Fucking playing” to me — it’s definitely expressing disdain for whatever’s going on.

In the original version, Balthier does not suggest speeding off in an airship to be something Cid tends to do. I’d say the message is conveyed properly, however it does give us ideas that aren’t present in the original manuscript.

I wouldn’t call this a bad translation at all, as the meaning is intact. The translator might even have deliberately made us think Balthier did get the final word with the Strahl. A good translation is never literal. This helps out making Balthier a full character.

But as with Cid’s dying scene, the English translation puts a lot more into the meaning than the original - where Balthier is basically just saying fuck that fucker, he’s playing with us and yeah fuck you, piss off and die*.

* More like ‘you bastard’ but he’s pretty much just swearing.


Pixel at has been translating the FFVII sidestory “The Kids Are Allright.”  From the latest chapter comes this description of Tseng and Elena (post-Meteor, but before Advent Chldren):

Tseng and Elena were at a Costa del Sol style beach house that had recently opened in Under-Junon. The lukewarm afternoon sea breeze wrapped around the two-person terrace seat.

"Who’s next?" said Elena, wearing a white dress and a resort-style straw hat.

"Over here," Tseng answered, disguised as a businessman, dressed in a three piece suit. They had managed to conceal their Turk identities, but the combination of the two was attracting a lot of attention"

I feel that this scene is crying out for fan-art. 

omg how did I miss this - I need to check that thread more often!

I can totally picture it. These two, whatever they are. <3

Things fanfiction authors do


*posts chapter*

*checks page to make sure chapter hasn’t transformed into 100% typos*

*refreshes to check for reviews*

*refreshes again*

*resolves to go to bed and not check until morning*

*goes to bed, turns on phone, checks for reviews*

bwaha. I do the same, but I check for hits.

I am very sad.



With the right information you can make almost anything connect and probably make sense out of it or make it hard to question. I wrote an entire article on how Chrono Trigger was connected to Final Fantasy XII.

Did that make it true? Nah. But it was a damn good read.

Two of my favourite games. Is this available to read somewhere?

XII shipping bingo

NEW! VII shipping bingo

Ohai there!

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